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Lighting the Way to Dying Black Hair

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Dying your black hair a fresh new color, can not only renew your hair’s life but give you a fresh look that shouts out your personality. It allows you to play with your style and change up your look. It can be a fresh start or a glamorous remodeling of you already gorgeous locks. Though this is sometimes easier for those with lighter hair colors, our dark- haired beauties and clientele can achieve their color dreams too. With healthy hair, several appointments, and a Haven Color Bar specialist, your black hair can be transformed into blonde, brown, red, or whatever color you fancy.


Whether you are dying your hair or not, taking the time to care for and respect your hair is important. This allows for better shine, less split ends, and faster growth. We recommend the brand Olaplex. This scientifically proven product helps hair rebuild and grow stronger. Strong, healthy hair is extremely important when it comes to changing the color of black hair, as it will most likely need to be bleached in order to achieve hair color bliss. Products, like Olaplex, are great because they are made to help no matter if your hair is virgin, colored, or damaged. Meaning, these products are not only great for getting your hair ready for its transformation, but also for in between and after color treatments have taken place.


Once your hair is healthy and strong, you will be ready for your hair color metamorphosis. Because black hair is so dark, your color transformation will not happen overnight. In fact, it will take a month or two to get your hair to be the blonde or ready to dye the color you want it. This long process is to ensure the safety and care of your hair. Bleaching can be harmful and can be very damaging to your hair. One session will not be enough to get your black hair light. With this in mind, most suggest taking a 4-6 week-long break in between each bleaching session or before adding in any color to your bleached hair. This allows your hair to relax and breathe in between treatments and gives you time to do a deep conditioning and show it some love. It is a long process, but the path best taken in the course of changing your black hair color to some other extravagant color.


All of this is best done, with the advice of a hair care specialist. They’ll be able to help you and explain whether or not your hair is healthy enough for bleaching, how to long it will take to get your preferred color, and how you can best care for it after you’ve achieved your final result. A hair care specialist can help you on every step of achieving your hair color goals. They know the best and most innovative products on the market and have the skills to handle hazardous products like bleach, while still keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy. Luckily, Haven Color Bar has a ton of hair care professionals just waiting to help you on your hair color journey. All you have to do is book an appointment and show up. We’ll do the rest and give you a glass of bubbly while we talk about you hair color plan.


Going from black hair to any other color can be a tricky and long process. It can take time to get hair healthy enough to handle the chemicals needed to dye it and requires multiple sessions to get the perfect color. However, with proper preparation, patience, and the advice of a Haven Color Bar specialist, your hair color dreams can come true. For more pictures and ideas of what Haven Color Bar can do for you, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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